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If you spend more than ten minutes nagging, threatening or bribing your child on a daily basis, it’s time for a change. I am here to help you make a plan, stay on track and enjoy life with your kids.

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What parents are saying.

Vicki Hoefle is a professional and passionate educator. She has the uncanny ability to see the best side of the parent, child, and family as a whole. She observes with kindness and an open-heart. She makes recommendations and asks questions that drive right to the core of the problem or challenge. This is exactly what our family needed, honesty and faith – faith that we could handle the truth and had the courage to move forward.

Gavin DeBecker, Nationallly Best selling Author, The Gift of Fear

As a business owner, coach and mom of three young kids, my life was out of balance.  I learned tools to help foster my children’s independence. They became capable in ways I never imagined.I realized I don’t have to be in charge of everything! This allowed me to tip the scales back in balance. I am so thankful that I don’t feel overwhelmed about parenting any more. I appreciate how well everything works in my home!

Kathy H., Mother of three

As the mom of three adventurous and energetic boys I felt exhausted and at times out of control. Understanding that my job was to help these boys develop self-control and use their energy to master their own lives was what I needed as a mom. Vicki helped me to see that I could empower and teach my boys and give up the micro-managing and control that was leading to power struggles and meltdowns.

Jamaica J., mother of three