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Vicki Hoefle

When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I was caught up in the momentary bliss of being a new mother and feeling this bundle of new life growing inside my belly. One day it hit me – I was going to SUCK at motherhood. There was no reason for me to believe that giving birth would suddenly turn me into the kind of mother that I so desperately wanted to be. It was more reasonable that I would remain the bossy, decisive, quick-thinking, controlling, and impatient woman I had always been. This terrified me. Thankfully it did not paralyze me. I began searching for something, anything that would offer a framework for becoming the mother my children deserved.

Rachel Wigglesworth

Being a mother to an infant came surprisingly easy to me. I fell in love with my son, and 23 months later, my daughter. Besides the sleep deprivation part, caring for an infant’s needs – even the lengthy and inconsolable crying – seemed all part of the job I signed up to do. Juggling two was not always easy but it was still manageable, UNTIL… my daughter began to walk and develop a will of her own. The proverbial you-know-what hit the fan for me and my sense of control and patience were tested beyond what I knew was possible. I sometimes found myself angry and I quickly realized that my reactions and strategies for dealing with challenging behaviors were not good for me, my kids, their long term development, or our relationship. 

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Hybrid Learning Consultant, Zoe Hemenway

Hybrid Learning Consultant – Zoe Hemenway

Our children’s education has evolved into un-chartered territory and I am here to bring consistency, stability, and confidence to this new environment.

I am excited to work with parents and teachers who are searching for the most effective and rewarding way to balance their new responsibilities and also inspire children to become the owners of their education.

My passion for working with children started while I was in middle school, after spending time with a family member’s three-year-old. Since then, I have traveled abroad working with children in Denmark and South America, graduated with a degree in Child Development from Whittier College and completed my masters at Teachers College, Columbia University. For the last four years I have been teaching in a public school, and am now helping parents as they navigate the new landscape of remote and hybrid learning.

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