25 Skills to Practice Today

SkillsSummer is a great time to help our children practice their self skills and life skills.

The more our children feel connected, encouraged and capable, the more independent and confident they will be in their tweens and teens (and eventually as adults). So, this summer, when the opportunity arises or whenever you can carve out some time for training, encourage your children to practice and master:

  1. Getting up on their own
  2. Making their own beds
  3. Brushing teeth
  4. Taking showers / baths
  5. Washing hair
  6. Getting dressed
  7. Choosing clothing
  8. Making breakfast
  9. Packing backpacks
  10. Watering plants / yard
  11. Organizing homework
  12. Organizing time
  13. Setting the table
  14. Unloading the dishwasher
  15. Cleaning the kitchen
  16. Doing the laundry
  17. Stacking wood
  18. Making / packing lunch
  19. Sweeping floors
  20. Vacuuming
  21. Cleaning bathrooms
  22. Making grocery lists
  23. Learning to cook
  24. Planning menus
  25. Answering / talking on the phone

Which skill will your child practice today?