Summer’s Here! Break the Rules

Sure, be a control freak...on yourself!

Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.Dalai Lama

If you’re familiar with Parenting On Track™, you know our stance on time-outs, reminding and being a control freak (not to mention lecturing, nagging and so forth). If you aren’t sure, well, the simple stance is this: they are quick fixes with no lasting results. They don’t teach discipline and basically, they’re a waste of everyone’s time. The key is to put the relationship first.

However, now that summer’s here, it’s time to break the rules and implement TIME OUTS, REMINDING and BEING A CONTROL FREAK – but with a twist: to IMPROVE your family dynamic.

1. TIME OUTS: These are for YOU. Take them. Run to them. Cherish them. Carve them into your day. Take a time out from the hustle and bustle to walk around the block, sit and read while sipping tea, go to the garden or put the headphones on and put your feet up during nap time. DO NOT feel bad about taking TIME OUT for you. This, unlike time outs with kids, DOES teach discipline – it trains you to make a healthy decision to care for your own space and mental clarity.

2. REMINDING: Again. This is about YOU, the parents. Do not forget to REMIND YOURSELF to pay attention, to relax and to cherish. REMIND yourself how lucky you are. How wonderful your family is (faults and personality conflicts and all) and how far you’ve come. REMIND the kids that you appreciate them and that they can handle what comes their way. REMIND the family that practice is good and mistakes are positive and that slowing down is okay. These are the REMINDERS you’re encouraged to make.

3. BEING A CONTROL FREAK: I’ll say this again and again….There’s nothing wrong with being a control freak as long as you are controlling YOUR thoughts, actions and behaviors. MODEL MODEL MODEL. Let others be and break the rules…on yourself!

So, get out there and TELL US how you’re going to break these rules. Leave a comment below, tweet us @parentontrack or post your summer rule breaking on facebook.

P.S. It IS summer so don’t even bother with lectures and obviously, nagging is not one worth breaking…unless it’s nagging your spouse to snuggle up. Then we could let that one slip! Have fun breaking the rules folks.

1 thought on “Summer’s Here! Break the Rules

  1. This is great. Thanks for the reminder. So far this summer I have made the time to exercise alone for at least 60 minutes each day. Also focusing on what’s working, so I remind myself how wonderful my kids are. This leads into the next one – I control what comes out of my mouth. Instead of noticing the dishwasher did NOT get unloaded – I see that my daughters are folding laundry and keep my mouth quiet – duct tape anyone?!

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