Have FUN with the Kiddos

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get the creative juices flowing and ask: HOW can we have some more fun as a family? What do we want to do? What do my family members find interesting these days? What would the kids like to do with downtime? How will you stay on schedules and find time for fun?

1. TALK about it. Sit down with your family, tell them the problem, and talk about it together.

2. BRAINSTORM ideas for what everybody likes to do; when would be a good time to get out and play together; and how can you make playing together a priority, when there are so many other obligations and priorities pulling you in different directions.

3. PLAN times at the family meeting to play together; follow through with those plans, and talk about how it went at the next meeting.

4. ENJOY each other. Whether you end up planning a backpacking vacation in the Grand Canyon or to simply kick a ball around each night after dinner—consciously enjoy the time you spend playing together.

The Benefits:

  1. Physical– Exercising and getting out!
  2. Mental-Exploring the natural world.
  3. Emotional- Having fun and enjoying each other’s company

What will it take for my family to get more play time into our routine?


1 thought on “Have FUN with the Kiddos

  1. great ideas. When doing the brian storming, depending on the age of the kids, writing all ideas on a piece of paper–maybe even newsprint might help making sure everyone sees that their contributions are valued–remember the outcomes aren’t as important as the feeling that all interests are valued.

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