When do you start training?

  • Are you a parent who thinks kids can’t do much?

  • Do you think kids have to be 13 before you can begin teaching them how to take care of themselves?

  • Do you think kids might be resistant to doing things for themselves, after they have had a bit of training?

  • Did it ever occur to you that four-year-olds can make a decent peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

We’ve got news for you – they can – they do and this one DID. Check it out.

If you are hesitant to start training, I encourage you to rethink your ideas on training kids for independence and self sufficiency. Or then again, you could be packing lunch for an ungrateful 13 year old. Its up to you- you choose.

2 thoughts on “When do you start training?

  1. Beautiful! A great perk to handing our kid’s lives back to them is we get to celebrate their new skills. Watching them struggle with new situations (without offering our “help” i.e. doing it for them) can be emotionally trying, but it’s worth it. Our first grader has been navigating the challenges of packing her own lunch since school started, and we celebrated by surprising her with a lunch box and special food containers. (She’s been using a paper bag and whatever containers we have in the cabinet.) We explained our appreciation of her new skills and, it may sound silly/sappy, but we fought back tears as her face beamed with acknowledgment of her accomplishment. Thank you, Vicki, for showing us a such a fulfilling way to parent!

  2. Oh Sally,

    My eyes are filling with tears just thinking about the smile on her face. What a treat for ALL of you. My gosh, this alone can feed a parents soul for weeks.

    I’m so glad you are finding the information helpful and are experiencing the delights of turning the reigns over to these delightful children of ours.

    Also, thanks for taking the time to write and to share.

    Be Well,

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