Goal of a Successful School Year

educationDear Parents,

If you’re feeling like the “worst end of school year mom ever”  (we know she’s not!) because you’ve stepped out of the way- giving your child ownership of the past school year- (allowing him to make a mess of his reading log or her  immaculate attendance record or you’ve refrained from “saving” your child by delivering forgotten lunches,  hats and unsigned agendas), well, CONGRATULATIONS!

The school year is coming to an end and we thought we’d rewind to some REAL school related moments that illustrate how independence, progress and confidence are developed in the quiet moments of: trial and error, choice and discovery, slow, realistic skill building and the mastery of small, daily tasks.

The goal with our children is not to cross the school year “finish line” without mistakes or messes. Our goal is to reflect and say:

We learned. We tried. We made mistakes. We will do this or that differently next time. OR say, this worked and we’re sticking with it.

So, tip of the hat to the “worst end of school year mom” for letting it go and of course, to all of you!

Enjoy these little stories that show what real success looks like, straight from our anecdotes & facebook wall posts. Note: these are just random snippets- there are thousands more so please tell us!

Vicki & Team