Are you raising a bully?

Annie Fox’s blog this week titled “My Child? A Bully?” reminds us all that bullying is present and pervasive. It is troubling to consider that any one of us could be raising, fostering, or housing a bully, in spite of everything we do to raise caring, respectful, compassionate human beings.

Although this is a difficult conversation to have, and an even more difficult idea to consider, it’s worth braving the murky waters of bullying to better understand how we can influence our children in positive ways.

Annie shares a quick bullet list that provides insight and challenges us to look deeper into ourselves and our family dynamics.

Here is the list taken directly from the article.

Hints that your child may be a bully:

  • You or your partner is a bully.
  • Your child is bossy at home.
  • Your child’s closest friends are not the nicest people.
  • Your child makes rude comments about other people.

Click on the link below and read the entire article. It’s worth it, even if you are certain, you are not living with a bully.

My Child? A Bully? by Annie Fox

Look for part II on Tuesday, July 20th!

1 thought on “Are you raising a bully?

  1. I was just thinking about this today. You’ve said it before and as I observe my oldest, I fear that is exactly what she is becoming. I listened to her manipulate, and try to convince her younger sister something was true. When she was ignored, she persisted, pretended, and play acted to make her believe her. Only to make fun of her when she believed. She says it’s just a joke. She tells me not to give it away. But I see the meanness in it. I know she just doing it so she can make fun of her. When asked how she would feel if someone did the same thing she just huffs off. So how does one correct it?

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