Podcast: Problem Solving

In this conversation with Vicki Hoefle, we talk about problem solving and more specifically incorporating problem solving into the system of Family Meeting. How would you like to give up your job as law enforcement officer and show your kids another solution to all the fighting, tattling and telling?

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Problem Solving

  1. Hi Vicky! I’m a huge believer in duct tape parenting and enjoy your podcasts so much! I wanted to ask why you believe in allowance as opposed to payment for chores? Either way they would get the benefit of learning about money management. It seems to me they would miss out on learning about earning money because they’d be less inclined to work if they recive an allowance. Do you find that to be true and if so are there ways to offset that?

    1. Hi Randi, Glad the philosophy resonates and that you enjoy my podcasts. When allowance and chores are connected it takes away from kids contributing to the household, because they are part of it. Also, when parents pay kids to do what they are expected to do as part of a family and the job does not meet the expectation, parents tend to withhold the money or hold it over kids’ heads to “motivate” them. This mucks up the learning on both accounts. I am offering an online course on Family Meetings where we go into this in full detail. The course begins on August 18 http://www.vickihoefle.com/family-meeting-30gurus We will talk about work ethic, money-management, contributing to the family and the benefits of keeping them separate. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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