Podcast: Family Meetings

In this conversation with Vicki Hoefle, founder of Parenting on Track, we talk about Family Meetings. The family meeting is perhaps the most important tool in developing a healthy family. This episode explains why family meetings are so helpful and includes tips on running more effective family meetings.

Listen to learn more. Have you held Family Meetings in the past with your children? How is this version different? What do you like about this new Family Meeting style.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Family Meetings

  1. I’m really happy to recently have discovered your book and site. I’m a mom of 5 as well! We home educate our kids and I find that it’s hard for me to imagine what natural consequences look like in that context. I wonder if you’ve worked with other home school families and of you have any examples you could share?

    1. Carole,
      I am glad you find my book and website helpful. I am sorry I am not totally clear on your question. You are wondering the natural consequences of a child’s choice around school work? If a child does not do his school work, he does not pass the course. I would need a bit more information to be able to answer your question. Thank you – Vicki

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