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Mark Johnson of Radio Vermont WDEVMark Johnson of Radio Vermont WDEV interviewed me as a guest on his morning call-in show just last week. I had done everything I could to prepare myself for the assault I thought may be coming – I would be talking about parenting on live, call-in radio folks, and this can be dangerous territory! Now I know how my kids feel as they enter new situations in their lives.

Note to Self: More compassion less boot camp.

Imagine my relief when I realized that, not only was my gracious host a truly well-informed professional, he was also a genuinely concerned parent interested in learning how he could parent from his best to build a strong healthy relationship with his daughter. At that moment, I knew that whatever crazy calls might come in, I had someone who understood what was truly important in parenting sitting right across the table from me.

From the start of the program, Mark’s thoughtful questions helped me to settle in and share with the radio audience the “magic” of the Parenting On Track™ program – the shift from seeing what we dislike, to identifying and supporting what is already within our children. And Mark’s audience generously returned the gesture, lighting up the phone lines with all sorts of wonderful questions and perspectives.

I’ve included the radio interview below so you can enjoy the show as much as we did. Please keep in mind that my job is to ask the questions that open the door to a new way of looking at a belief, a situation, a child, a moment. And, when that happens, the mind is illuminated. Everything changes. Confidence and direction return.

9/9/08 WDEV Mark Johnson Interview Part I

9/9/08 WDEV Mark Johnson Interview Part II

Thanks again Mark! Look forward to doing it again soon!

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