Parenting Help is Just a Phone Call Away


If you ever find yourself wanting some parenting help, support to work through a challenge or gain clarity around a certain situation but you aren’t sure what your options are, I want to let you know (or remind you) that I am available for phone consultations. Often parents wonder if just one phone call will be enough to address a specific challenge and design a solution that will work to bring about significant change. What better way to answer that question than a testimonial from a couple I worked with recently who experienced first-hand, the power of one phone consultation with me.

    Hi, Vicki.
    I¹m still thinking about our phone call from the other day, and how incredibly helpful it was.

    My husband and I had read Duct Tape Parenting, listened to it repeatedly on audio, and now are in the midst of Parenting On Track.

    From the first moment of your teaching, we felt calmed and reassured that we would find our way. We¹d spent many years trying to make parenting choices that created a self-aware, resilient, and confident little boy. But more and more we were seeing that we were also getting in our son¹s way, with all of us getting frustrated and farther from our goal. Daily life was sometimes so difficult we felt demoralized. But in the past year there has been so much change in our house, and although it¹s still difficult, we¹ve felt so much hope. More than that, we¹ve felt we¹ve had a clear direction. We understand when our parenting behavior is effective and we¹re clear when a choice we¹ve made has brought us off track. We¹re better able to see our son¹s amazing strengths, and we¹re better able to support him where he¹s still struggling. Still, family life is fast moving and complicated, and it is sometimes hard to know exactly what to do or say in a given moment. Our phone call with you came after a very painful day, where all our attempts to get on track made things worse. You made the downward spiral of the day suddenly very clear, and we understood just what we had done to contribute, how we had muddied the water, what we had missed in our child, and exactly what we could have done differently. You helped us clarify our parenting goals and how to bring those goals into the moment, shifting where we put our attention, and offering us concrete things to do or say. Our conversation was rich, useful and surprisingly enjoyable. Even though we were talking about mistakes we had made, we felt safe, supported, and knew how closely you were listening. We even laughed! We brought you what seemed like an elaborate problem, and you immediately simplified it to basic themes. We got off the phone invigorated and ready to try again. The following morning your ideas were fresh on our minds so we were able to put them into action right away, and we had a great conversation with our son when usually it would have ended in an argument. Success!

    Vicki, it¹s a relief to know you¹re out there for support as we master these new ideas. I can¹t thank you enough for the work that you do, and for taking the time to personally guide us
    through it.


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