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Duct Tape Reviews from Real Families


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duct-tape-parenting-book2Changed all of our lives, for the better and better.

[stag_intro]Duct tape parenting is a wonderfully witty, common sense approach to raising our children. The emphasis on respect, tolerance and not taking yourself too seriously isincredibly empowering. I have been using this parenting approach since my children were 3 and 5 and guess what, we all enjoy each other on a daily basis! That doesn’t mean conflict and frustration don’t arise, they do, but we understand that we are a team…. read more [/stag_intro]


I have 3 children: 9, 7 and 4. My husband and I had NO IDEA how heavily we were controlling our children through nagging and micro-managing. After learning Vicki’s strategies, we realized that we were not setting our children up to own their own lives, to be happy & confident with who they are, and to have a long-lasting & loving relationship with us. It was tough to realize we had been way off track as parents. But Vicki’s lessons are so easy to understand and simple to implement, and you can immediately make a difference, and regain the relationship you want with your children and the strategies you want to help train them to be empowered & caring individualsRead more…

Changed our lives!

We started following Vicki’s suggestions more than 7 years ago and they have changed our lives. Our children (now 12 & 14) are responsible, respectful and fun to be around. Several years ago, they were fighting with each other and my daughter ran up to me, looked me in the eye, stomped her foot and walked away. I asked her what she wanted and she said, “Nevermind, you’re not going to get in the middle of it anyway.” In thatRead More

Stick toitiveness wins the day!

Vicki’s insights, humor and common sense approach to raising self-reliant and resilient humans from children is brilliant, fun, and has helped me with catching and releasing four out of six children to date. I highly recommend her book and ideas. It is never easy to parent, and for these ideas to work, you must practice them, and keep on working and trusting. Read more…

Using the book right now!

I ‘m camped out in a shopping mall right now with my copy of Duct Tape Parenting and I’m so glad because my 10-year-old just ran up to me and cried, “I lost my wallet! I had it under my arm and now it’s gone!”

Instead of pouring salt in the wound with a “How could you…?/Why didn’t you…?” lecture, I was able to just listen and recognize the situation for what it is: an invaluable mistake that she will never forget. Like the book says, “Mistakes are arguably the easiest and most efficient way for kids to learn to cooperate, take personal responsibility, practice time management, develop organizational skills, become resilient, and develop the mental muscle that will come in handy as their lives become more challenging and difficult in the years to come.Read more…

Invest in Your Relationships, Invest in Duct Tape Parenting

As a family therapist and mother of three, Duct Tape Parenting has proven to be an invaluable resource for strengthening my clinical skills and enriching my family relationships. At home, my children have moved away from navigating life with expectations and into acknowledging life with appreciations and courage. Phrases like “Thank you”, “How can I help you?” and “I got this, Mom” are much more common in our family afterRead More

Changed our perspective….WOW!

It is not often that something comes along that can totally change ones perspective! This is it. This book has a down to earth, and common sense approach to parenting but it is presented in a TOTALLY new and unique way. In a matter of weeks we have begun to transform our relationship with our three children. I would NEVER have believed it…. They LOVE having a greater sense of responsibility and I am finally allowing myselfRead More

Parenting – Not Painting by the Numbers

reviews2“Duct Tape Parenting” is unique in the pantheon of self-help books for parents. The author grounds her practical approach to the everyday challenges of raising responsible, cooperative and courageous children on a solid theoretical foundation. As she outlines the “duct tape moments”, it is clear that each of her recommendations stems not from a random set of gimmicks, but rather from a profound understanding of what AlfredRead More




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