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Professional Reviews of Duct Tape Parenting


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“If you are interested in more positive family relationships and raising capable children who will courageously step into adulthood, take the opportunity to read this book. It is never too late to change your life.” – Cindy Pierce, Mother, Innkeeper, Comic, Author of Finding the Doorbell, Sexual Satisfaction for the Long-haul

“This is a must read for every parent, parent educator, and teacher. Easy to read! Not a theory book that tells you what but leaves you scratching your head asking, “now what do I do?” The exercises help you identify the problem and the little reminders tell you exactly what to do (putting the duct tape), when to do, and why to do. As a counselor and educator I recommend this book wholeheartedly to every parent and any individual who works with children. The ideas are so applicable, that I will use some of them in my classes, even at the graduate level! And as a parent my duct tape is ready…finally.” –Bengu Erguner-Tekinalp, Ph.D, Assitant Professor, Counselor Education, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa 

“Rarely does a book come along that offers parents solid information about why parenting style is so important, tools and tips that make it easy to try, and inspiration that keeps us afloat as we find our way. Vicki Hoefle is the real deal. She’s parented five kids and taught thousands of parents with this approach. This book should definitely be on the top of your stack!” – Dina Emser, Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, author of Roadmap to Success and Trusting the Fortune Within 

lyons“Hoefle’s common sense approach to empowering our children debunks the parenting myths that are often the cause of the unnecessary stressors that are all too common within families. Her techniques and highly identifiable case studies demonstrate that it is possible for parents to have mutually respectful relationships with their children, while lovingly engaging with them and providing the knowledge that builds their abilities, confidence and independence.”

– Dawn Lyons, Freelance Writer & Editor, Teen Consultant & Advocate, 

“In this gem of a book, Vicki Hoefle gives parents a common sense approach to raising respectful, responsible and resilient children. Her lighthearted, down to earth manner helps parents clarify their goals for their families, understand the roots of behavior and develop a path to creating a happy, healthy and supportive family life.” –Amy Lew, PhD, MA, Author Raising Kids who Can

“The most important family dynamic that we have achieved as a result of the parenting approach presented by Vicki Hoefle is one of mutual respect. We feel like a team, like four people who can depend upon each other. This book is a must read for any family who is looking to create a supportive unit built on honesty and trust.” – Katy Smith Abbott, Dean of Students & Assistant Professor of the History of Art and Architecture

“Vicki Hoefle does an amazing job in Duct Tape Parenting of providing relatable, helpful advice. Her approach is unique and extremely thought provoking. This is a must-read for parents who are tired of advice that does not work and need a re-charge for their family.” -Vanessa Van Petten, Author,

“An informative and irreverent guide, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to raise resilient, problem-solving children. Vicki Hoefle offers a Goldilock’s way forward: not too much parenting, not too little, just right.” –Craig Idlebrook, parent-educator with the Boot Camp for New Dads Project and essayist whose work has appeared in Mothering and Boot Camp for New Dads.

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