I have a passion for teaching and I’ve been doing it steadily for over 20 years. My style has been described as a combination of wit, anecdotal humor and hard-hitting facts. Here is what I can tell you – If what I taught didn’t work, I would have been out of business 19 years ago. Parent’s aren’t about to tell their friends about me if what I teach didn’t bring about lasting change to the family.

Whether you are looking for an online class or you’re attending a live local class, my promise to you is this:

  • I won’t waste your time on fads, complicated techniques or bullshit pep talks – Instead, I will deliver time-tested, …… concepts, common-sense strategies and simple tips for improving the relationship with your kids and establishing you as the leader of your family.
  • I won’t coddle you or sugar coat your part in the parent/child dynamic. Instead, I will give it to you straight. I don’t believe in waisting a parents time loving them up and letting them off the hook when what they want is someone to hold them accountable so they can make the changes needed to improve life with the kids. And, I have enormous respect and faith in parents and their ability to handle the truth when they hear it from someone invested in their success.
  • I break down the myths that keep parents stuck in useless power struggles and I present clear information that is valuable and sustainable (and oh-so-logical!).