Mom Goes On Strike…Hooray!

I quit strike[pinterest count=”horizontal”] Hooray for Jessica Stiwell (@JAStilwell)! She quit her job as the maid, and she’s got some great pics to prove it! (Not to mention, her posts are funny!) Her blog was featured by Lisa Belkin on the Huffington Post. It says:

Jessica Stilwell, Mom, Goes On Strike And Household Falls Apart (PHOTOS)

Jessica Stilwell has lived every mother’s fantasy. She went on strike. For six days the mother of three girls — 12-year-old twins and their 10-year-old sister — did no “picking up, tidying, washing, cleaning, clearing, reminding or nagging.” Read the Huffpost article here.

So, all you Duct Tape Parents, we have a few questions and a favor to ask YOU.

First off, this sounds like Do Nothing Say Nothing, doesn’t it? We are psyched Jessica discovered that she’s really doing it all and she decided to throw ego to the wind and document her experience.

If you’ve done this exercise in a PonT Workshop or read about it in Duct Tape Parenting, we’d love it if you’d comment on Jessica’s blog or in the Huffpost piece. Why? Because if it’s “every mother’s fantasy” then, ladies (and gents) we’re living the dream.

We’d also love to see YOUR Do Nothing Say Nothing Pics. Here are few lovely ones to get you going (courtesy of a few REAL families):

DO Nothing Say Nothing Weeks


However, like any other eye opening experience, we know this is just the beginning. We know that once we stop and watch the house fall apart, we have to DO something with the information. We can either go back to doing it all, leave the house a mess, hire a maid, train the kids, plan to train the kids or any number of responses.

We’d LOVE to ask Jessica:

What will she do with the info?

Maybe she hasn’t even thought of it. Maybe she’s going with the flow, or maybe she’s asking herself the same thing!

And we’ll ask you:

What did YOU do with the information you got from Do Nothing Say Nothing? How did you begin to train your children to DO the work?

Finally, do YOU have any questions for Vicki Hoefle on how exactly to start this process? Fill out the contact form below!

For starters, Duct Tape Parenting will point you in the right direction, as will the Home Program. But as this Huffpost piece brought to light, it’s such a bigger deal than sinply quitting or going on strike because it takes real planning and motivation to make the changes once you’ve gathered the info. Let’s inspire Jessica with our Duct Tape Parenting and Parenting on Track stories from Do Nothing, Say Nothing and beyond!

Post your comments over there and send your Do Nothing Say Nothing Pics over to our Facebook wall! Thanks for sharing. [hr]


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