Kids Have Perfect Solutions

Okay, so here is a perfect example of how smart and quick kids are.

Kathy takes her 3 kids to the kiddie pool during her recent stay in Florida. Zack, a new walker, tries to follow his sisters into the center of the pool.

Unfortunately for Zack, he has only been on his feet for a few short weeks (still wobbly), the bottom of his little shoes are slippery and the kiddie pool has a decidedly deceptive slope “down” to the center.

Zack enters the pool to follow said sisters. His feet come out from under him and SMASH. Down on his ass he goes knocking his head on the bottom of the pool.

Mom walks over to the child on his ass. She didn’t run. She didn’t scream. She didn’t grab him up. Why? Because she knows her kid. The other parents in attendance jumped up to “assist” Zack, but Kathy used non-verbal tools to get all the busy bodies to sit down and mind their own business.

She holds Zack by the hand, lifts him up, puts him on his feet at the edge of the pool and sits back down.

Zack takes a few steps towards the center of the pool and SMACK. Down he goes again.

This happens approximately 6 times. No tears. Frustration to be sure, but Kathy is quickly by his side, Quick hug, quick smooch and off he goes again.

Until suddenly, left on his own to figure this problem out, this smart, clever, creative, determined young 14 month old figures out that he has to sit on his ass and scoot towards the center of the kiddie pool.

For the next 2 weeks, remembering what he learned all on his own, Zack enjoys the pool. In fact, he practiced every time they went to the pool and inevitably, some parent would approach Kathy and comment on how clever Zack was for scooting into the pool and asked her “so how long did it take you to teach him that?” To which she promptly broke out in gut busting laughter.

I asked her why the gut busting laughter – her reply “Can you just see me sitting MY ass down in the pee filled kiddie pool and teaching my kid to scoot down to the center? No way that was gonna happen.”

Here is what she knows, what I know and what the parents of the Parenting On Track family know:

Kids are their own best teachers and when parents provide opportunities to practice, well, kids find their own perfect solutions.

Way to go Zack!

4 thoughts on “Kids Have Perfect Solutions

  1. Great post, Vicki! Says it all. (And, I’ll ask again, can I just be Kathy?) LOL. Seriously, though, this one will stick with me as I help my almost-walker…

  2. I thought you might enjoy this. The kid is amazing. Just gobbles up life with such a quiet, intense disposition that it’s hard not to throw everything on your to-do-list out the window and just hang with him. Personally, I don’t know how Kathy gets anything done, but she does.

    Independence is an amazing thing.

  3. OMG! The video is priceless! Not to mention the rest of the content in the article!

  4. I needed to hear this! I have tourette’s when it comes to this stuff. My mind says, “Let them figure it out.” But my mouth prattles on with some ideas I seem to think are excellent and necessary as I hack my beans at the knees. The other day before school, my ten-year-old was pulling out the grapes to pack for lunch, “Now don’t you go telling me to wash these grapes because I am going to wash these grapes.” Mini Prattle heading off Big Prattle at the pass. Seeing Z figure out the baby pool lit a fire under my backside. Great story. Video brings it on home.

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