In the Moment

memoriesThere are all kinds of moments with kids. Sometimes these moments include the incessant mantra of “I want …” all day long from a toddler; or the refusal to do . . . well, anything you want your young power child to do (does every request seem unreasonable to a power child?); and how about the constant demand for attention by the child who cries over every little bump and misstep? One mom I know told me she got so fed up with the crying one day that she instituted a rule of “No crying unless there is blood.” I don’t think that rule lasted long.

Then there are the moments with our teens—a grouchy 15-year-old who was up until 2:00 a.m., the whine of “I’m bored”, or the constant request for “computer time” on a perfect, sunny day. These are the moments many parents, myself included, try to wish away.

But beware—these easy-to-wish-away moments are often interspersed with the moments you want to hang on to forever. Like the unexpected moment you and your power child share when you discover a praying mantis in the garden; the goofy joke shared by a seven-year-old and the belly laughs to follow by the entire family; or the sight of your young teenage son holding and gazing in awe at a friend’s newborn baby, during a backyard barbeque party.

So if you find yourself wishing away some of the more tiresome moments with your little ones, or big ones, don’t worry—we’ve all been there. But take some time this week to be “in the moment” with your children, whether they are two, ten, or seventeen; because your moments are also their moments, and a knowing smile and a click from your mental camera will turn a moment into a memory—for you and for your children.

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