External Motivation (Infographic)

infographic, external motivators When discussing both education and parenting, motivation is a recurring theme.

  • What, at its core, motivates children  to not only learn but to behave with respect and kindness?

  • How do teachers motivate learners while adhering to school rules and standardized testing?

  • How do parents motivate children to do their chores and cooperate in the family?

One way, as we’ve mentioned, is with EXTERNAL MOTIVATORS.

What are External Motivators? (A Refresher)

External Motivators are simply imposed systems (by adults) to steer children toward “desired behaviors” (see examples in the infographic).

These systems may technically and positively steer behavior, but ultimately, they lead to hidden outcomes that “steal” the internal desire to learn and explore the world.

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2 thoughts on “External Motivation (Infographic)

  1. Raising thinking children is, of course, my goal. But it’s so hard to remember that when you 7yo is screaming at you because you asked her to set the table or chooses to write an “I hate you” message on her wall in pen. How do we get beyond those things? The lesson for the writing on the wall is sanding and repainting the wall. But the set point of screaming is very low. All I have to do is ask her to do something and she’s off. She must be discouraged about something, but I have yet to lay my mind on it. And when the screaming starts sometimes I just wish she would be obedient.

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