10 Tips: Happy, Balanced Summer

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17 May, 2013


Bracing for summer energy overload? Don’t stress, it’s all good!

Just consider these 10 Tips:

  1. Be ready for the decompression. It may take just a week and it may take as long as three weeks before they are truly integrated into the new summer flow.
  2. Embrace the I’m bored comments and don’t try to come up with solutions. See what happens after 20 minutes of rolling around on the floor whining doesn’t end with a parent playing another game of Go Fish.  And then, work with your child to create a routine the will allow for a bit of boredom and options that will help them learn to entertain themselves.
  3. Notice natural times of chaos- usually around naps, meals and bedtime. Work with these episodic times, don’t let them frazzle a great day together.
  4. Stick to contribution schedules- even if you just pick one or two consistent, manageable and helpful tasks – commit!
  5. Pick your non-negotiables– the days will run smoother if there are a few clear non-negotiables for your family’s mission vs. sporadic and inconsistent rules and regulations. example: church, family dinners and video games on the weekend only – and stop there. Be clear.
  6. Ease up on the control knobs on everything else – especially around clothing, activities and messes. This is the time to let kids be messy!
  7. Solve problems as they arrive- perhaps you’ll revisit a non negotiable if you find it’s really a non-issue OR maybe you discover a new dilemma that should be addressed. Keep it flexible, but clear and invite the kids for solutions vs. mapping out a laundry list of rules.
  8. Get out of the house alone & with your spouse / partner. However you can, do it, so you’ll be able to parent from your best.
  9. Say yes, show me. If the kids say they can handle sleepovers every other day but quickly prove they can’t, then reel it in with examples and let them negotiate a solution( ie, sleepover schedule of Mondays and Fridays only – they’ll help you find a solution).
  10. Be present and drop guilt. If you can commit to checking in and making memories, sharing time together, enjoying the company of your children, then you can check “out” and get on the tasks that are on your list without feeling like you’re not doing enough.
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  1. rick ackerly says:

    I have two contributions to summer fun: One is some fun math ideas you should feel free to ignore:
    The other is important:

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