Cultivating Grit and Gratitude

There are two very special gifts that you can give your children that can’t be exchanged or left in a closet to be forgotten until next year. These gifts, which will last well into adulthood, require no money, no hoopla, and no stress.

The Gifts of Grit and Gratitude

Almighty Grit

The gift of grit is given – not as a tangible item – but as an intentional space where your child builds resilience and adaptability, flexibility and independence. Grit manifests itself whenever you, the parent, choose to step outside of the situation and allow your child to make decisions, mistakes, guesses, efforts, messes and reach milestones that you have not interfered with or influenced.

When you choose to let go and allow your children to step into their lives and make the decisions and experience the consequences, realities and sometimes, uncomfortable responses to their actions and behaviors, then you are giving the quality, long-lasting gift of grit which is the key to success.

Invest in the long lasting, feel good gift of grit. Why? Because nothing feels better than watching your child overcome a fear, surpass his own expectations or discover he can handle the problems life throws his way.

It’s a simple gesture that presents itself as a smile when our child walks in the room, and says “I appreciate you for…” or “I’m sorry for acting like…” whenever life gets busy or bustled. It’s a decision we make to notice our children as who they are TODAY instead of pushing them to be someone in the future.

Cultivating gratitude means your children will have the power to revive and flourish despite their challenges. They will go on to appreciate those around them and will notice the small things others do for them. In turn, they will continue to bring out smiles and to be there for those who need them. Gratitude says, thank you for being who you are (even when they’re whining). Gratitude is a choice to focus on the good things about your children because you’re glad they are here. Gratitude is the message that says, you bring a lot to this house and you’re a valuable part of this family and I don’t know what I’d do without you and all your brilliance around here.

How are you cultivating these key attributes in your children? Please share your comments below!

For examples of how to cultivate grit and gratitude in your children, please download this helpful tipsheet.