Celebrate Together

Your kids are changing. You know they are, but does the teacher? Sure, they can see the subtle changes that happen within the classroom, but sometimes they miss the big changes that happen at home.

For instance, a child who refused to get up without 10 nudges from mom in the morning is now rising with an alarm clock. Or a child who could noodle away 20 minutes chasing a moth in the house is now redirecting himself, staying on task and leaving the house with a smile on his face.

Here is what one teacher said about the changes happening at home:

“Parents are excited about the changes they see in their children. As a teacher, it would be great to celebrate these growth changes and encourage further growth, or look for ways to use this new information to encourage growth within the classroom. Sometimes it feels like a one way mirror. A quick note to let me know what is happening in the life of a child at home would mean so much to me and help me teach in a much more personal way. After all, we all want the same thing for the child.”

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