You are Your Child’s Best Parent
It’s easy to forget, or to overlook, that you truly are the best parent for your child. We all have days and moments with our children that we wish we could do-over. Especially now, during this busy holiday season, it is easy to lose track of our goals and find ourselves just hanging on or putting out fires all day instead of parenting pro-actively.

Here is a story of one parent with seemingly insurmountable challenges to overcome and how she faced those challenges head-on:

“I was seventeen, pregnant and scared there was no help that was going to come from the father. And I still had to graduate high school. My mother and father had lost all hope in me in graduating or even being a mother. That year I found my strength through my child.

After 15 hours of labor she was here and I was determined to show her, even in her birth, that I am worthy of being her mother even at 17. So I had to build my respect for myself to give enough love to my daughter.

I worked hard to get all my credits and just to make her proud of me. As I was walking to a class seminar, my principal stopped me to explain that I had gotten the scholarship I had asked for. I was to pack up all my belongings because today would be my last day as I had earned all my credits early.

The day of the graduation I asked my sister to please sit my daughter up front to watch me. As I walked past her to get my high school diploma, she was there smiling at me. Now when she looks at the pictures today, I feel proud to explain why: why she is and will always be my determination.”

When you find yourself having a tough day, remember to have trust and respect in yourself and know that all of things you face are challenges you can overcome because you are the best parent for your child.

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