Never Underestimate a 2 YO!

This is usually her 6-year-old brother’s job, so I set the silverware basket on the counter for him to do when he got home from school. She pointed at it, said her name, pulled a chair over to the counter, and started putting things away. My iPhone was right there, so I was able to catch her in the act. Since it was the very first time, we had not worked out the kinks, like how she could reach all the compartments – but that’s all figured out now.

You’ll see her putting the utensils in the correct compartments, separating out the plasticware, which we keep in another drawer, and handing me the pieces that didn’t go in those compartments. At one point I tried to help her when she hadn’t asked for it, she said “No!” – and then when she couldn’t reach, she did ask for and accept help. You will also get to see her coughing on the silverware.

I was very impressed with her ability to do so much of this job, only having learned from watching, and totally on her own initiative. We are big into training around here lately – and questioning assumptions about what our kids can and can’t yet do. Getting ready for a talk with my son’s teacher about what she might see as he takes on more and more independence. Love watching MomTV – you really ramped it up this week!

Anyone else have kids on video that you would like to share?? Please send them to us, so we can celebrate with you!!

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