Coaching is a very personal and powerful tool for improving family dynamics. I work with parents who are – just starting out on the parenting journey – have young children and want to establish healthy routines and relationship strategies – are in the trenches with school age and tweeners and want to do everything they can to maintain strong connections with their children and at the same time prepare them for life beyond the family threshold. If you are looking for guidance, focus and clarity in your parenting journey, I can help. I would love to work with you to bring joy, connection and peace into your family life. 

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Getting Acquainted Consultation 

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Let’s talk. In this free 15-minute discovery session you will determine if working with me will bring about the positive changes you wish to see in your family. We’ll also explore my services, so you can choose the one that is best for you and your family. This will not be a coaching session. We will not solve problems or address issues. This is a time for us to get to know each other better. Or scroll down to see my coaching offers.

Single Session
60-Minute Call

This is for all you parents who are familiar with the less is more approach, but some aspect of life with kids is still giving you the business.

With a 60-minute strategy session, you will focus on a specific challenge and create a plan of action to bring you closer to your goal.

This plan will help you build on your existing roadmap, identify what’s tripping you up, add new strategies to your parenting repertoire and get you back to enjoying life with the kids.

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Clarity Package
Three 1-Hour Calls


Do the same situations or issues keep tripping you up? And no matter what you try, you can’t seem to nail down a solution that feels right and continues to work over the long haul?

With this three-hour Coaching Package you can update your parenting plan and I will guide you as you practice implementing it with your family to raise capable, cooperative, responsible and respectful kids who will grow into emotionally healthy, high functioning, contributing adults.

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In-Depth Package
Five 1-Hour Calls

This five-hour Coaching Package is perfect for those parents looking to create a parenting strategy they can count on for years. It is an ideal solution for challenges to which you have made little progress or improvement. It is also the right choice if you are facing a parenting problem that requires more urgent or serious attention.

Or, perhaps you are a proactive parent who wants to start with a solid plan– at any stage– and use it to guide you every step of the way.

Either way, my five-hour package delivers the support for you to reach your goals.

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Personalized In-Home Coaching

This is a program for parents who want to work with me one-on-one from the privacy of their home. With this in-depth and individual coaching, you will experience life changing, lasting and sustainable change.

This personalized structure is for those serious about changing their family dynamic in significant ways and flushing out what keeps them from experiencing success in their parenting approach. Please contact me for additional information and pricing options.

What Clients are Saying

During our initial getting-to-know-you call, I felt like someone finally heard and understood my concerns. Vicki listened to me and offered insight into the exact plan we would create together to create a more cohesive, peaceful household. I am so looking forward to working with her as our coach.

Kate C., Fort Collins, CO, Mother of three

Vicki simply wants us all to succeed, it is very clear. I have plenty more growing to do in this lifelong role, and I am so very grateful to know Vicki is there to support and guide me; it’s an invaluable feeling knowing her wisdom is available to us. When I think of all of the useless things we all tend to spend our money on, I can’t believe I ever even hesitated on investing in parenting training and coaching; every penny is an investment in the happiness of our family. What on earth is there more important to invest in than that?

Megan PK., Carlsbad, CA, Mother of two

We felt a new sense of hope and a growing confidence in our ability along with more joy and a new reclaimed enthusiasm in our role as parents after working with Vicki.

Valerie and Todd H., Granby, CT, Parents of two