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Whether you are taking an online course, attending a live presentation or working with me as your coach, I will help you develop the confidence, courage and skills to lead with love, grace and respect.

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You love your kids. You are devoted to the little rascals. You are committed to being the best parent you can be and yet…

You’re tired of feeling like a so-so parent and you aren’t willing to settle for an “okay” relationship with your kids, or a “it’s not that bad” family life.

Sure, things are okay, but you know deep inside that things could be so much better.

I have been working with parents for over 25 years, helping them figure out why life with the kids isn’t as satisfying, fulfilling and fun as it could be and helping them turn things around.

Whether you attend a live presentation, participate in an online class or work with me as your parent coach, I can show you how easy it is to create a plan for raising children that feels right to you and your family.


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My Story

How This All Started
When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I was caught up in the momentary bliss of being a new mother and feeling this bundle of new life growing inside my belly. One day it hit me – I was going to SUCK at motherhood. There was no reason for me to believe that giving birth would suddenly turn me into the kind of mother that I so desperately wanted to be. It was more reasonable that I would remain the bossy, decisive, quick-thinking, controlling, and impatient woman I had always been. This terrified me. Thankfully it did not paralyze me. I began searching for something, anything that would offer a framework for becoming the mother my children deserved.

Adlerian Psychology
In my seeking, I found Adlerian Psychology. In short and by definition, Adlerian Psychology emphasizes the human’s individual need and ability to create positive social change and impact. In other words, people are driven to participate in society through contribution and cooperation. This concept hit me and it doubled as a parenting philosophy. It resonated with my inner core and it also kept my attitude in check. This philosophy inspired the systems that would keep rational efforts in place when my emotions were running rampant and quite honestly, I couldn’t be trusted to to make sound decisions when I was tired or annoyed, impatient or bothered. It was the best thing I knew so I gave it a shot and I dove in. As my children started to grow, I founded a childcare center and I brought this philosophy into lives of many children. I quickly realized this philosophy works with children of all ages in any circumstances. It was there, in my little school in Seattle nearly three decades ago, where I started educating parents and influencing families.

My Secret is No Secret at All
One year, the events of my life brought me to the East coast and I resigned myself to the fact that I would be living on a farm, raising my children, caring for my aging mother-in-law, and keeping to myself, but I had no idea that the magic we experienced as a family would be too great to keep at home. I would be in the grocery store, the doctor’s office, the park, the school, the playground with my kids and people would come up to me and ask me for my secret.

My secret?
Yes, your secret. How do you have such a solid relationship with your kids? How come they treat you well? How come you aren’t barking orders or experiencing anxiety or stress? How come they listen to you and well, how come they like you? And how do you seem so relaxed? What gives?

I tried and I tried to give them books – they didn’t want to read the books that I had read, they wanted me to teach them HOW. They wanted me to decipher the psychology and the philosophy and translate what parenting strategies what relationship strategies they could use with their kids in any number of scenarios. They wanted me to teach them how to invest in the relationships they were developing with their children AND raise them to be good, happy, well-meaning, well-adjusted, contributing members of society who looked back on their lives as children with their parents with love and admiration.And so I began teaching live classes to my community. And with every year and every class my community grew.

Join Our Community!
And now my hope is that my online courses and coaching will inspire you to join our amazing community. A community of parents who believe it is our right as parents to enjoy our families, our time, our lives and it is our children’s right to be offered the best opportunity the best possibility to grow into amazing human beings.
– Vicki