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3 September, 2013

3 parenting habitsOk, now that we’ve established a back to school frame of mind (it’s your child’s school year, not yours), it’s helpful to keep these three effective parenting habits in mind when working toward cooperation, communication and mutual respect in the daily routine. (Note: they seem simple but are challenging and require practice and patience!)

These Habits Tend to the Relationship

1. Ask Don’t Tell Be sure to ask your child which clothing, food, activities they prefer and LISTEN. If they want to wear cowboy boots and shorts, so be it. Even if it makes your style senses go berzerk, ignore the alarm, change your parenting habits, and empower the child. See some awesome kid outfits from real kids here.

2. Zip the Mouth This seems so simple in theory. But if you’ve read Duct Tape Parenting you know it isn’t. But as the year kicks off remember, parenting habits like micromanaging, cajoling, lecturing, nagging and so forth does nothing. To the outside world, you may look more composed but it sure doesn’t have any long term benefit!

3. Let it Be If your child doesn’t automatically master making her lunch or getting out the door with every folder in check- let it be. Going slow is a great addition to your list of parenting habits. Pick one thing (ie, remembering the reading journal or packing the soccer bag before bed, etc) and be patient. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit! Mistakes and setbacks happen – let it be and keep moving.

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  1. rick ackerly says:

    Excellent, and there is a fourth: Don’t simply back off; play your own position. Find ways of being involved that respect each others appropriate responsibilities. There are many options from various forms of parallel play to being involved in ways that are appreciated–and complement their efforts without making make their lives too easy.

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#1 Key to Parenting Success

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