20 Back to School Myths

educationAs the back to school energy (fueled by crisp notebook paper and the scent of freshly sharpened pencils) starts to drop off into a more wrinkled routine, there are 20 Back to School Myths that you must not let creep into your mind.

These school myths are lies.

They do not reflect who you are or how good a parent you are. Incidentally, these are not true for others, just in case you want to raise an eyebrow at someone else’s messy little munchkin. 🙂

  1. Kids will pack Twix bars and Twizzlers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY if left to their own decision-making.
  2. It’s not only okay to be the human alarm clock, the maid and the unpaid chauffeur, it’s also okay if I never here a “thanks mom, thanks pop”.
  3. Socks must match. Shirts must go on right side out. Shoes must be on the right feet. Kids need styling assistance.
  4. The backpack is yours to stuff, unstuff, pack, unpack, hang up, repeat.
  5. Homework police exist, and you’re the sheriff.
  6. A forgotten lunch causes a lifetime of trauma and life-threatening hunger pangs.
  7. Forgotten boots? Frostbite.
  8. Zombie kids are “good” kids (because they do as they are told and follow all directions appropriately and without questioning).
  9. Prompting a “please” or “thank you” to impress onlookers is always necessary.
  10. Only SLACKER parents do not log into their child’s online grade portal.
  11. Daylight hours are meant to be booked solid.
  12. Kids have to play fair and share or else you must interfere because it is the adult’s job to make it right!
  13. The principal’s office is a bad place for pad kids. (link to post)
  14. That science project had better look amazing – and you should see to it.
  15. Kids who make messes have sloppy, unattentive moms and dads.
  16. Invite everyone! It’s worth spending an arm and a leg on that bday party to preserve hurting feelings.
  17. Mistakes are to be avoided and screw ups are to be punished.
  18. Kids will grow out of their “annoying’ or pesky behaviors.
  19. There is plenty of time LATER to train the kids.
  20. My reputation matters.

Do you have any other false beliefs you’re trying to let go of? Share!

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