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Are you looking for a peaceful home life, cooperative and respectful kids and a common-sense approach to parenting to help you navigate the day-to-day challenges of raising kids in the 21st century?

If you said “yes”, then we can help.

Maybe you read Vicki’s first book, Duct Tape Parenting and you are ready to incorporate a less-is-more approach into your parenting.

Perhaps you read a recent article in the Wall Street Journal and Vicki’s common sense straight-forward approach to raising kids resonated with you.

Maybe you have been hearing about Vicki’s work from family, friends or co-workers and you think her approach might be just what you are looking for to bring more balance, order and fun back into your life and into your parenting.

 Vicki has made her nationally recognized, step-by-step Parenting Program, complete with MP3 audios and an accompanying Study Guide filled with examples and tips available to parents who are ready to embrace a less-is-more approach to raising emotionally healthy children with systems that support every member of the family, be that mom and dad or the kids.

After working with thousands of families and raising her own five children into adulthood, Vicki knows that when we focus our time on creating a more cooperative and respectful relationship with our kids, nearly 70% of the other challenges of parenting diminish, if not disappear all together.

“If you told me that focusing on the relationship with my kids would impact our bedtime routines, trips to the grocery store and our dinner experience, I would not have believed you. But when Vicki says that the daytime challenges diminish when you focus on the relationship, she isn’t kidding. We saw a dramatic improvement in almost every area of our lives with our kids.” Debbie V., mother of three, Seattle, WA.

At the same time she understands that parents want to raise kids who are capable, confident, responsible and resilient and shows parents how easy it can be to develop these attributes in their children when they make simple adjustments to their parenting style.

“Vicki’s simple adjustments include taking the time to teach your kids how to make their own toast in the morning, put their favorite snacks in their lunch box, wash their own hair and pick out their own clothes for the day. Suddenly, I have kids who are willing to take on more responsibilities and are excited when they master a new skill. Everything is flowing smoothly as a result of these small adjustments.” Annie P., mother of two, San Jose, CA.

Vicki’s comprehensive Parenting Program offers a solid, in-depth blueprint for raising kids without the need for yelling, nagging, reminding, lecturing, punishing or giving in and the program can be tailored to fit your unique family values and personalities.

Before long, you will be addressing challenges including sibling rivalry, bedtime, chores, homework, and technology battles without losing your cool and with the confidence that the strategies you are using will bring about lasting change, not momentary compliance.

For only $79.00 you can download 3 hours of MP3 audios and more than 100 pages of information to guide you through the next phase of your parenting journey.

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Tools for Success

championWhen you begin the program, you’ll take a close, honest look at what’s happening in your home right now – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and you’ll gain key insights into your family dynamics and the role your parenting habits have had in shaping them.

You’ll identify habits that are actually interfering with your relationships with your kids, and begin to replace them with time-tested strategies that support lasting change.

The Discovery portion of the program will leave you with a clean slate and a clear vision of the values and principles that you want to shape your family life from this point forward.

Creating a Plan with a Purpose

Along with creating a “roadmap for success” unique to your family’s current reality and future goals, we’ll begin to use powerful strategies and techniques to effectively build positive relationships among all members of your family while supporting your children’s development into confident AND competent individuals.

When you begin to respond to challenges in new ways, you will begin to see negative behavior in your children disappear. It’s at this point in the program that so many parents are pleasantly surprised, if not amazed by how willingly their children step up and begin to cooperate, contribute, show more self-reliance and resiliency, and begin to invest in the health of the family on every level.

“Within weeks of working with Vicki’s program I began to feel a huge weight lift from my shoulders. My husband and I found we were spending more time pursuing our own interest because there were few family struggles dragging us down.”

A Renewed Passion for Parenting


As your overall outlook and mood improves, you’ll truly begin to parent from your best instead of parenting from a tired, anxious shield of bribes, threats, time outs, and other useless strategies that just don’t get you where you want to go.

Best of all, you will have plenty of strategies to choose from to help you get back on track whenever you experience a momentary setback. The Tools of Necessity will provide you the support you need to understand, adapt, and keep moving forward.

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