Give Family Meetings a Fresh Start


Now that we are full into school mode (and for many there is a tiny lull between fall and winter sports,) it’s time to get back to routines and schedules. Dare I say, it’s time to renew our commitment to the Family Meeting before the Holiday Season rolls around!

On the surface, the purpose of the Family Meeting may sound simple and straightforward…


  • Show appreciation
  • Distribute household work
  • Express concerns, identify problems and teach problem solving skills
  • Distribute allowance

…but when we look deeper, the benefits of holding a regular Family Meeting are anything but simple. The Family Meeting can almost be referred to as the engine that keeps families moving in a purposeful and positive direction. Without that forward momentum, many families find themselves stuck with problems and situations that just won’t go away.

So, here are some of the deeper reasons you may want to make Family Meetings part of your family routine, if you haven’t already:

  • Family Meetings allow you to experience your family’s growth, improvement and progress on a weekly basis.
  • It is the vehicle with which you can support your children’s growing independence.
  • The various components of the meeting teach your children how to communicate using mutually respectful dialogue – something that will pay dividends within your family at school, at work, and in their future relationships.
  • It provides a place for your children to recognize that they have a voice and responsibility within the family.
  • Your children will experience their family as the number one value because, each and every week, there is time allotted and dedicated to the health of the family.

Make time in your schedule every week to meet as a family. Only 15 minutes a week could get you past seemingly immovable roadblocks in a healthy and mutually respectful way, while giving you endless hours of enjoying each other’s company.

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4 thoughts on “Give Family Meetings a Fresh Start

  1. I wanted to tell you how much family meetings have transformed our family. A recent event has inspired me to comment. My husband has been traveling for the better part of this month. We have been having family meetings each week but due to his work schedule he has not been home for a few weeks, so we have had meetings without him. Last night was the first night we were all together at the dinner table. Out of the blue our 4 year old says, “I would like to appreciate Daddy…” and went right around the table. The other 3 kids quickly followed suit. Needless to say when my husband and I were done with our appreciations the entire family was grinning ear to ear! What a way to welcome him home. Thanks.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for sharing your success with Family Meetings. It is hard to describe the feeling a parent experiences when you listen to your children appreciating the other members of their family, but I suspect it is akin to hearts singing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  3. We do! I also notice the role appreciations play when my kids apologize to me or to each other and when I apologize to them. Heartfelt, sincere and meaningful. Its a treat! Thanks for everything. This program has made such a difference for us!

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