Family Meetings

More Appreciation, Less Conflict

The Overlooked Gem

Most parents, if asked, would say they want kids who are kind, empathetic, cooperative, respectful, are strong problem solvers, and who know how to handle money. Unfortunately, most of those same parents would also say they have no idea how to make that wish list materialize! Family Meetings teach all of these valuable life skills, but unfortunately, in our society “family meetings” have a bad rap. Say the words “Family Meeting” and most kids run for cover. In Vicki’s rendition, however, it all changes for the better- kids not only show up, they participate willingly.

Family Meetings: How It Started

Vicki learned early on in her own parenting journey that holding weekly Family Meetings with her young kids influenced the family dynamic and atmosphere in a positive and lasting way. She recognized it was possible to solve multiple challenges (fighting, chores, tattling, arguing at the store) during one 20 minute meeting and remain calm, logical, and respectful while doing it. Within a few short months she experienced first hand, the power of this parenting tool and became an advocate for its implementation into every family she worked with.

Why Family Meetings

Family Meetings are a valuable resource for any family. They help create healthy habits in many key-parenting areas, including: allowance, chores, communication, appreciation and problem solving. Parents who implement Family Meetings discover clear and welcomed progress, positive change and a willingness from every member of the family to work together to attain peace and harmony. Children begin to feel empowered and adults gain confidence that they are indeed parenting on the right track.

Presentation Overview

Audiences love this fast paced presentation full of concrete examples and stories that illuminate the possibilities of what can really happen when parents and kids work together to solve problems and communicate effectively. Vicki shares key basic guidelines for conducting meetings that move the family forward and she shares how to implement all the components, including:

  • Appreciations
  • Allowance
  • Contributions
  • Problem Solving
  • Scheduling (20 minutes 1x week)


Parents leave with a clear understanding of what to do, when to do it and the results they can expect when they update the standard Family Meeting and bring it into the 21st century.

Results include: kids who show appreciation for each other a, a system that supports the equitable distribution of work, problem solving skills to end the tattling, telling and blaming and a system to help kids learn about the value of money. All that in 20 minutes, once a week!  

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