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Small Group Session with Vicki


Stop Lecturing and Start Living

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Ask Questions. Dive Deep. Address Challenges. Share Successes.

If you are feeling stuck or just want a refresher, this is your chance to work with Vicki in a small group and design a parenting plan unique to your family.

Date: Tuesday May 9, 2017.
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Middlebury Community Music Center (MCMC), 6 Main Street, Middlebury, VT
Cost: $99 per person or $149 per couple
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Raising children is perhaps the most complex, challenging task you will ever face – and with the right guidance and support, the most rewarding.

We are all doing the best we can with the information we have
– is a motto I share with parents who are discouraged with the relationship they have with their children or with a challenge they can’t seem to resolve. All any parent needs is new information to bring about the kind of positive change we want in our families and participating in a group is the place to gather that new information.

Group Sessions offer participants the opportunity to leverage the experience and often insight of others in the group. This leads to a variety of solutions for many of the presenting problems.

Although it’s natural to think that our particular challenge or issue is unique to our family, there are patterns that emerge in almost every family I work with who are raising children in the 21st century.

They include:

  • Fighting with our kids and then feeling lousy about the way we handled the situation.
  • Confusion over how to create a morning routine that doesn’t include tears and tantrums.
  • Bedtimes that are easy and enjoyable.
  • Systems that help kids become more involved in household work.
  • Creating a home environment that supports our children’s physical and emotional health.
  • How to work through conflict with our kids in a respectful and supportive way.
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