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Less yelling, nagging, punishing and more connection & cooperation!
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Looking for a polished, witty and well-versed speaker who delivers consistent ah-has, amens and head nods? Look no further!

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Raising children is perhaps the most complex, challenging task you’ll ever face. Vicki can help.

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Who Works with Vicki Hoefle?

Vicki Hoefle works with parents, professionals, educators, leaders, authors and businesses all across the US in a variety of ways, including:

With over 20 years of presentation experience Vicki delivers not only relevant content that parents are hungry to get their hands on, but a style that is engaging, fast-paced and challenges participants to “turn off auto-pilot and jump into the driver’s seat of parenting and life!”

Vicki is described by audiences as honest, hard-hitting, inspiring and engaging. She connects with parents on an deep and emotional level. Her advice is practical and solution-focused inspiring parents to access the real expert in their children’s lives – themselves.

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