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Most parents, when asked, would say they want to raise kids who are kind, empathetic, cooperative, respectful, strong problem solvers, and who know how to handle money. Unfortunately, most of those same parents would also say they have no idea how to make that wish list materialize!

Casting hover mothers and helicopter parents aside, Internationally acclaimed parenting expert, Vicki Hoefle encourages a different, counterintuitive – yet much more effective approach to staying connected with your kids while giving them the space to live and learn. In this Family Meeting course, she gives parents a roadmap and walks them through all aspects of this grounding family ritual, setting the stage for success. Even better, because the course is interactive, you get to learn what’s working, and what’s not.

The Learning Platform
We’re using Udemy, “the world’s online learning marketplace, where 9 million+ students are taking courses.” The Family Meeting course “is available on-demand, so you can learn at your own pace, on your own time, and on any device. Learn more about the platform.

The course content is divided into 30, three to four-minute videos followed by exercises and questions to anchor the information in the videos. The course can be viewed on your time, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. Start today. Start next week with group of friends. Revisit in a month. You have access to Vicki for support and encouragement or clarification and answers. There are printable pdf tip sheets and video interviews with other parents for added bonus material.

Why Family Meetings

Holding weekly Family Meetings influences the family dynamic and atmosphere in a positive and lasting way. It is possible to solve multiple challenges (fighting, chores, tattling, arguing at the store) during one 15 – 20 minute meeting and remain calm, logical, and respectful while doing it. Within a few short weeks you will experience first-hand, the power of this parenting tool.

Family Meetings are a valuable resource for any family. They help create healthy habits in many key-parenting areas, including: communication, appreciation, allowance, chores, managing money, and problem solving. Parents who implement Family Meetings discover clear and welcomed progress, positive change and a willingness from every member of the family to work together to attain peace and harmony. Children begin to feel empowered and adults gain confidence that they are indeed parenting on the right track.

The Course Agenda is comprised of four parts.

  • Appreciations
  • Contributions
  • Problem Solving
  • Allowance

Kind Kids begins with Appreciations

Parents often ask, “How do I get my kids to be nice to each other?” or “How do I get my kids to stop fighting?” The truth is whatever you are currently doing, probably stops the action and creates some sort of compliance – momentarily.

Parents want more than kids who just get along. Parents want kids who treat each other with respect, compassion, empathy and understanding. Practicing Family Meeting for 15- 20 minutes each week is just what today’s families need to reach these goals.

What will it take for your Kids to help out around the House?

Would you like to give up being the maid, and be more emotionally available to your children? Would you like to help your children recognize the unique contribution they make to the health of the family? Would you like your children to help out around the house on a regular basis?


Within weeks you can eliminate one BIG item from YOUR To-Do list and your children will feel empowered and realize how important they are to the family. You can also feel confident that you are supporting the development of independence and competency in your kids.

Stop Tattling and Fighting in its Tracks

Would you like to show your kids another solution to all the fighting, tattling and telling?

We are a society that is attached to our problems. Family Meetings offers our children an opportunity to practice becoming problem solvers, so we don’t raise another generation of people who are identified by their problems. An added benefit is that you are no longer the law enforcement officer in your family.

End Tantrums at the Store
(and help your kids develop a healthy relationship with Money)

Money will be a part of our children’s lives every day; we have an opportunity, as parents, to introduce them to money and help them create a healthy relationship with it, so that when they are on their own, they will have the confidence and the experience to manage their money well, to put it to good use, and to avoid the difficulties that so many families face today in this country.

No child is too young to begin to form a healthy relationship with money. One mom told us a story about her three-year-old son who went into a store with his friend and his friend’s mom. The young friend, upon seeing some shiny “gotta have” object, began to whine and beg her mother for it, at which point the mom’s son looked at his friend and said, “but you didn’t bring any money.” End of story.

  1. Margaret Tarmy says:

    What if I only have an I phone or tablet. Will this work?

    1. JenniferNault says:

      Hi Margaret,
      If you can download the free 30Gurus app on your device, you will be able to participate in the course. There is video and interactive question and answer, so personally I would choose the tablet over the iphone. Please let us know if we can answer any additional questions for you.

  2. Ginger Pingree says:

    I feel like I read somewhere that you can access each week’s section at any time during that week. Is that true? So, am I too late to start?

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