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Family Well-Being Influences Employee Success


What’s the Cost?

Cost_ImbalanceWithout a healthy family-life, we are trapped in a cycle of conflict and stress in our homes and offices.
This translates to:

  • $300 billion a year in stress-related medical costs and missed work
  • 87% of employees feeling disconnected from their work
  • 48% reporting a significant increase in their stress levels
  • 42% feeling completely used up by 5 o’clock.

Imbalance is distracting, destructive, and expensive.

Problems We Solve


When companies invest in their employee’s family-life, they see an increase in

  • Productivity
  • Engagement
  • Focus
  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility
  • Communication Skills

They devote less time and cost to human resources issues and conflicts and develop employees who are more intrinsically motivated to share skills with coworkers, increasing collaboration, accountability, and leadership.

Corporate Services


As a 25-year veteran Parent Educator, Vicki Hoefle has studied parenting through the lens of Adlerian Psychology, worked with over 60,000 parents and more than 350 schools and organizations across the country, all while launching her own five children to adulthood.

Vicki’s programs offer step-by-step instruction allowing parents to engage in a clear process to strengthen the relationship with their children and create a more balanced family life that offers more time for what’s most important.

EAP_Services1Presentations equip parents with the tools to address specific behavioral issues, such as:

  • Morning Mayhem
  • Tantrums
  • Sibling conflict
  • Bad attitudes
  • Personal hygiene
  • Chores
  • Technology
  • Homework Hassles
  • Nighttime Nonsense
  • Money Management
  • Gratitude

Contact us to bring Vicki to your organization.

EAPServices_HeaderOn-site Coaching
Bring Vicki to your organization and offer your employees a chance to work with a qualified parent coach who will guide them as they create a tailored solution to a specific parenting issue. Working directly with Vicki in an Individual or Group Coaching format can accelerate success and lead to dramatic and lasting change.

Instead of your employees spending hours, days or weeks weeding through information online, messaging friends with questions or talking with co-workers about family life, they are able to put their energy and focus at work where it belongs.

These sessions are available one-on-one or in a group setting, in-person or remotely.

When parents are confident in their roles, they bring that same confidence to the workplace.

Call (888) 511-1232 to learn how Vicki Hoefle can impact your business. Or you may write us at info@vickihoefle.com.

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